Chapter 1

   Two moons shown bright in the twilight sky. A cloudless, starry night is only minutes away. i sat high in the purpleberry tree, playing my wooden flute, watching the Blue Sun set. I looked down and watched the people walking. I could see far beyond my village from here. I looked over to see The Gathering had started, but i stayed in my tree and played my flute. The Gathering is no place for an outcast...
   I saw them strike up the bonfire, they all gathered around and sat with thier legs crossed. They hummed our village song and i played along with my flute. I could see them passing around the purpleberry bowl and glasses of pure mountain spring water. I took my own portions from my bag. i ate when they ate. i drank when they drank. they thanked the trees for food and thanked the mountain spring for water, and so did i. I wish i could do that with them like i used to, but those days are long gone. Everyone was holding hands now and singing, then they danced together. i looked away; i had to. Dancing is one thing i missed most. i feel alone.
   I jumped down from the tree and scanned the area around me; Endless Trees. The moonlit shadows made blurred out, abstracted shapes onto the ground. Every few seconds, there would be a little green sparkle. The grass pixies were out tonight. I walked along the dirt path through the forest with glowing mushrooms to light my way, collecting Aura Stones as i go, giving purpleberries to the wandering mice and onion grass to the straying rabbits i would come to meet. it feels good to help out.
   I finally arrived to my home; what a beautiful place it is. I have claimed for myself a small cave in the side of the Mountain. There's a fresh spring and a waterfall everflowing of a beautiful, glimmering blue. A huge tree at the side, plentiful in wood i can use, and the forest around me to protect me from the village and it's prejudice. a place where i could be happy. I walked into my cave home and set down my bag, took off my boots and sat on my bed, a cloth sack filled with light flower petals. the hot spring kept the cave warm. i heard short and quick tapping on the stone floor, a fieldmous had come in by the name of Mallory, i guess i would say she's a friend.
   "Good evening, Esperanza" she squeaked.
   "Hello, Mallory. Have you come by for food?"
   "Ha, ha, oh, you know me well...but i also wanted to ask of you a favor..."
   "Alright, anything you want." I was taking some onion grass and purpleberries from my storage box and wrapping them in seaweed for her to take back home.
    "Well, you see, my family and i have lost our nest. A group of rebelling centaurs were on a rampage and trampled our entire nest and flodded our burrow...we have lost everything...i was wondering if my family and i could settle in the hole in the tree outside of your home until we're able to go back and rebuild."
   "Of course you can," i smilled and gave her the small package of food. "I can prepare it for you, if you'd like and i can carry your family over here. i know your mother is expecting."
   "Oh, that would be just fantastic!" She giggled and wiggled her wiskers with happiness. "What a beautiful thing to do! Thank you so very much!"
    "You're very welcome, and you can stay as long as you'd like. How about you meet me back here at dawn, and show me the way to where you are staying, then i can bring you all ove rhere."
    "I'll be here. We're staying with Mama Muskrat in Hollowlog for the time being, i's a bit over-crowded. Thanks again, for everything!"
    "Anytime, now hurry on home...the tenth hour is nearly here! run along, and be careful!"
    "Alright! Thanks again! I swear, out of all of the elves, you are definately the kindest." she bowed in thanks and hopped off into the night.
    I picked up some firewood to put down in the pit. i cupped my hands and brung out the power within myself to create a small orb of fire and placed it beneath the wood. My eyes lit up as i watched it grow. I fried myself some vegetables and let it cook with the fish i'd caught earlier in the day, then took out the rods i'd began carving and finally finished seven more wooden flutes for the night. "That makes thirty." I thought outloud to myself as i set them away and began to eat my night's meal. after i washed off my plate and changed into my nightclothes, i picked up a piece of paper and wrote a list of things to do for tomorrow.
-help Mallory
-gather food
-go to the marketplace

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