Chapter 6

I went outside and Eloch followed. the ground was wet and soggy. it was dark outside, but the mushrooms glowed and glimmered, highlighting the forest floor blue. the smell of fresh rain misted through the air. i could feel the energy of the plants pacingly growing. a moon peaked from behind a cloud, i could see the reflection in the waterfall. i stepped over a bunch of puddles over to the big tree, then brought Eloch along with me to the side of the mountain. we stood before the narrow path, jagged with pebbles. "here's the path." i pushed my hair back behind me. "You ready? it's gonna be a little wet...but you'll be fine, right?"
   Eloch messed with her hair. "yep! lets go!"
   I led her up the path as it zig-zagged up the mountain. i could hear little chirps from the crickets and blue foxes passed by a couple times. we stopped a couple times for Eloch to talk to a group of Ursa cubs then once more when we found a rabbit stuck in a thornbush. she had some kind of conversation with it; she said the rabbit had been in a painful relationship and that lizards creep her out. sooner than we knew it, we came to a small cave; small enough we had to crouch down to go through the entrance. "This is where we go to get to the fruit. but trust me, it's worth it. this little cavern is definately a site to see." Eloch nodded and followed me in.
   "woah -this is beautiful." Eloch examined the crystal paradise around her in awe and admiration.
the little cave was covered from edge to edge in glowing crystals and aura stones. blue lilies sprouted from the between the cracks in the ground and glistening puddles shined with reflections. green and yellow fireflies blinked back and forth in the tunnel. i could see the light at the end and crawled faster along with eloch.Little glowing fish leaped up to greet us. 
   we crawled out, one after the other. "here it is." it was a small lagoon in the side of a mountain. there was a tree with a striking resemblence of a palm tree, with raindrop-sha[ed blue and purple fruits hanging from its top. there were 3 bushes next to each other, one had the star shaped fruits, the others were shaped like crescent moons, the last like suns. the leaves were jeweltoned emerald green. there was a little pool of water beneat the tree, there were little clams and oysters resting at the bottom in all sorts of beautiful, vibrant, glowing colors. the moon reflected on the grlowing water as we gazed out at the beautiful view of the sea and shore. weeping moon bell flowers pouted over the cavern entrance the mountain stones gated us in. "its probably the most beautiful place in the entire land."
   "it is beautiful. how did you get so lucky, to find a mountain and live in it? your cave is beautiful, and you practically have your own private beach." She picked off a Star and ate it.
   "i guess being lonesome has its upsides.. but, you're welcome here whenever you want, remember? whatever's mine is yours." I picked off a Crescent Moon as we exchanged smiles, then ate together. We stood by the stone and looked at the Rainbow Sea. It was so late and we were both so tired. we watched the water until we dazed away.

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