Chapter 3

A tear ran down my cheek, like a crack in my face. i rolled away my wheelbarrow all the way down to the mountain side. i brought everything i had and undressed and sat in the hot spring in my cave. i couldnt help myself, and began to cry a little. i thought to myself, why me? why did i have these powers? i hate them...they say when you have power, people look up to you and respect you...but they don't do that for me. they're afraid of me, the look down on me, outcast me... you would think they would be proud of someone, and Elvin especially and of my age to have mastered every element and gone over and past all expectations... i have learned powers that most people have to inherit... having mastered every power at its highest level by the age of 9, you would think they would respect how hard i worked. i may have learned my powers out of pure curiosity, but that doesnt make it wrong... i want to know what i did wrong...
   i hugged my knees and brushed my hair out of my face, letting it sink down into the water. it was warm, almost hot, but not so hot that it wasn't calming. Just thinking about that boy, Kero, and how he almost kissed me...he had only known me for a few hours, and he may have actually liked me...i think... i shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, something always goes wrong.
   i stepped out of the water and dried myself off. i looked down at my feet and over to my bag. i picked up my new archery set and slid my hand across the wood of the bow and my finger along the detail of the grip. i picked up one of the arrows and touched my finger to the tip, only lightly, but it still drew blood. i've never touched an arrow so shar, i was curious to try it out. maybe later...
   i' thinking of going to Classes. Classes, like the other Elves my age. I'm longing to just be a part of something, why not school? The sign up is before the next gathering, so i'll have to be quick since i'm band from them.
   I layed down in a soft clover patch, just outside of my cave. i watched the two moons glow in the endless sky. tonight it was a deep purple-blue like the west end of the Rainbow Sea.
   I blew on my finger and drew pictures in the air with smoke. i drew a rose, and i blew it away. i drew another picture, one of a woman or girl. It was my sister, Cascada.
   Long ago, Cascada and i were separated. After the fight between our parents...we were adopted by a couple from this Village, called Crescentwood. When we were little, we started to play with our magic. We figured out how to make ice and fire, water, how to grow trees and grass, and to create waves and soon even windstorms. we are twins, but unidentical. most people think i'm much younger than her, maybe by a couple rotations, but in reality i'm hardly older. When the doctors began looking into our mother, one day they saw something remarkable. My mother, Belinda, was two months pregnant with me as they were viewing by a projector on her stomach. They watched me, as only an Unborn, managing to clone myself while in the womb. I created Cascada. They saw it happen with thier own eyes.
   As the months passed, the clone grew now at the same pase as me. it developed it's own personality, then it's own features. when we were born, we had come out with her before me, her hand was gripped tightly around my ankle. We grew up, both of us, like normal Elvin children. Well, relatively normal. She and i got along except for when it came to competition.  She was constantly angry with me for the fact that i had stronger magic than she. I began earning my earings at 5 rotations, she began earning hers at 8, which is still impressively early. Sometimes we had fights, and they always got physical. She would always challenge my abilities and say she was stronger. I told her many times, that it's not about who was or was not stronger, but she insisted on quarrelling with me anyway. she would always fight me, and she would always lose. often, our battles would last for days, weeks, on occasion. we ended up destroying our home, some trees surrounding, and even the marketplace a few times.
   When we began attending classes, our classmates and teachers were afraid of us. Casccada took pride in it, but i didn't at all want people to fear me... i wanted to be liked, i wanted friends. when we were both at  rotations, during classes, a boy; i'm unsure of his name, had started making fun of my sister. he told her "she wasn't strong enough to beat a little 'troll' like me and that she should be ashamed of herself." i didn't care what he said, i took it in and breathed it out. Cascada, on the other hand, is short tempered. she hadn't challeneged me, this time... i was doing work at the lunch counter, since i was done eating my food. i guess i didn't want to waste any time. i was daydreaming until i was woken up by hearing a huge blast. i quickly got up and blocked it with a forcefield.
   I look over, and it's Cascada. I continued working. "Cascada, right now is not the time." she kept on trying to hit me, but i just continued to work. i didn't want to fight. i had to get this flute done. She continued her efforts to distract me. After every burst of energy she shot, i could hear her panting and tiring out.
   "Why wont you fight back?!" she screamed at me.
   "I'm not finished carving my flute..." she looked at me in disgust. "We're in Classes, why must you challenge me? especially here an now, this is not the time and place..."
   "Fight me, you Troll! What? Scared you will lose?"
   "No, i'm sure i'll win, ut i don't need to be fighting with you... you're my sister, we should spend more time loving eachother and working together..." I smiled as i let down my forcefield and held my hand out to her.
   "'loving eachother,' 'working together?'...ha! 'Love.' i hate you! Someone as small and ugly as you doesn't deserve  to have magic like yours! I should. I'm tall, and beautiful, and you're just a little troll. trolls shouldn't have magic." my heart shattered in my chest as i glared at her in both sorrow and anger as tears filled my eyes. in hers, glowed pure hatred. an unruly fire, uncontained, but i still wasn't afraid. "They don't deserve to have flutes either!" She snatched my flute and burned it to a small mound of ashes on the ground. i had been working on it for so long, it was my prized possession. whiler her and her 'friends' were laughin in my pity, i struck her with a thorn blast of ice. she wailed as the pain of every frozen needle sharply stapped every unit of her body.
   "So i'm a troll, eh? Tha makes you a troll as well." i pressed the needles farther into her skin. "You...You are my twin sister. you're a part of me. If i am a troll, you are a troll." i walked closer and closer to her, nearing her face. "A filthy, stinky, weak, ugly, stubby, rank and rancid troll. Just. Like. Me." she glared at me with the deepest of disgusts. i sank them in deeper. "but, i am not a troll; and niether are you. we have been blessed with the power of magic, you should be grateful we both have it and sop worrying about who is more powerful. maybe, if you did, you could become stronger." i grew the thorn covered vines from beneath the school floor and summoned lightning upon her, wrapping the vines even more around her, pressing farther the needles through her skin, stabbing her like millions of microscopic daggers. "Learn to appreciate what you have. Stop boasting of yourself. Dont call me a troll. Quit being so selfish and Never challenge me again." i impulsivly lit the vines on fire. i watched the thorns begin to burn inside of her as she pitifully attempted to break free. the ice still unmelted, pressing farther and father.
   "Esperanza, stop!" she cried "You don't need to be doing this!" She wailed in pain "I'm your sister!" She screamed "Your sister!" Tears and blood ran down her face, and for the first time and maybe only time in my life, i didn't feel sorry.
   I had her surrounded in a vortex of everything i could throw together, she was slice, and burned, and torn as i listened to her screech in agony. "I do need to be doing this to you, becaus you are my sister. 'My sister.' Now, do you understand?" she just looked at me and cried. Deep blue flames rose from the gound as my anger grew. I screamed at her "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"
   "yes..." she sobbed and murmured.
   "yes." she said as she sniffed.
   "YES!!" she sobbed, and i let her go. the storm left, the ice melted, and the vines grew back into the ground. the lightning cleared and Cascada dropped like a sack onto the ground, wimpering pitifully, like a sick puppy. Our entire class was looking at me in awe, but i had forgotten in rage that they were even there. I looked down at her, sickened at the site.  "and by the way, Cascada," she looked up at me sadly, "Never, touch my flute." i gave her a sharp kick in the stomach. she jerked foreward and convulsed, coughing up an unhealthy load of blood. i walked away with no remorse.
   They had me contained in the Asylum for what i did, but it didn't last for long, i broke free. As i walked the streets, people feared me. they always had, but now, more than ever. the village had casted me out completely. i traveled from village to village and still couldn't find a home. everyone in the Land of the Blue Sun knows about what happened between my parents, and what happeed between me and my sister. its one of the reasons i'm an outcast.
   i cried a little, thinking of her. i was so harsh, but she deserved it... it was the only way to get it through her head. i was sick of being inferior.

i created her...
i miss her...

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