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Hello, my name is Asberry Quinones, you might know me as Aeri or Berry Quinones, the author and illustrator of this story, "Esperanza" I am a 19 year old blogger and freelance multi-media artist currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I began writing when i was in gradeschool, but i started getting more serious around the 7th grade. since then, i've been aspiring to publish my own book, even though i don't normally enjoy reading books myself.  i love expressing myself through art, music and writing.if i inspire you in any way, please let me know, it would touch my heart. ♥
   This story is a fantasy and was based on a world i saw in my dreams for about 6 months prior to writing this story, which was started in late fall of 2008 to summer 2009, when i was 15 years old till 16 years old. Esperanza is somewhat an alter-ego of mine. In my dreams, she looked just like me, except her eyes were a different color, longer hair, and she's of course an elf. Quite a few other characters you'll come across in this story are based on friends of mine, and there's many small yet prominent references to my childhood. What started as telling my dreams, turned into actually daydreaming about this place, called "Land of The Blue Sun" which i actually created in a different story created from winter 2006 to summer of 2007, The Story of Lana, so this fantasy world have mine is not new. It was always a place a drew and a place i wrote about and always wanted to go.
   Alot of my close friends had read this back then, and they loved it. i put my heart and soul and tons of time into writing it, and to this day, although years later. as i re-read and type this whole thing out again, i've come to realize that this world is still very much alive to me ♥ so the good news is, i'll be continuing to write this story after i've finished typing out the remainder of the written chapters.

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